NEWS RELEASE"Grip Shop Award Ⅲ"


We have announced that "Grip Shop Award" in house for our third time. As a standard of awards, stores achieved over 100% of the current plan, excellent staff who are trusted and exemplified by other members. Also awarded staffs who worked 10 years. Ms.Yukari Ichikawa who is store manager of CHERVO Takashimaya Nihonbashi store and Mr. Masaki Sumioka belongs to Administrative Department were awarded as excellent staffs. Yukiko Furuse belongs to JL · GD · WE · CH brand Department, and HC East Japan General Manager Kurumi Hamada were awarded consecutive 10 years working.

Here are each comments below.
≪Ms. Ichikawa≫
Thank you very much for your commendation as an excellent store this time. I am very pleased to be able to achieve the plan this fiscal year and really appreciate all the staff who supported us.
Thank you for all your supports for achieving our plan budget and sales exceeding the previous year. However, the issues after the site renewal are carried over. I will constantly keep me up while spread attractiveness of our online management.
Thanks to all my surroundings. I would like to enjoy and keep up myself to give greater service.
Thank you very much for 10 years consecutive awards. Thanks to President Kuwata and all of our members that I have been able to continue working so far. When I first joined, I didn't have any idea about the golf market and reminds me of that I desperately studied. We will continue to make efforts to develop our products that make happy our customers and to suggest to the market without forgetting our original intention.