NEWS RELEASEC.E.O. Kuwata appears in the PR magazine of Ryukoku University.


Our C.E.O. Kuwata has just appeared in the PR magazine of Ryukoku University.
Please have a look the same contents on the following web site.(Japanese only)

(Translation of the extraction from Original Text)
Strives to be the best golf wear brand in the world by breaking stereotypes.
We have been striving golf wear business with our original brand "Heal Creek", "VIVA HEART" and other import brands since 2001. Now going up the stairs to the top brand with this short term.
Using top designer for creativity like logo or advertisement with considering for people who are eager for the golf wear with fashionable style.
We have stores which are sophisticated like fashion brands, not like sports shops.
We aimed the improvement of brand awareness for business clients by being interviewed mainly economics for PR. Less than hundred million yens for sales at the time of founding, two billions after 10 years and now it has been over three billions.
Mr. Kuwata is talking the key to success as follows, "I got a lot of chances by being specialized for golf wear and getting attention from surroundings. The person who is specialist easy to success than generalist because they are easily getting attention but it's still on the way though..."
We now made a contraction with Korean company and opening more than 30 new stores in Korea. And now, we are approaching other Asian countries and more over Europe.
Now we are recruiting new staff members who are passionate to grab the NO.1 in the world.