About us

Message from the President and CEO

代表取締役社長 桑田隆晴

The Grip Group was founded in 2001, and we have continued to grow since we launched our brand in 2002. I would like to take this chance to express my deep appreciation for everyone's support.
The golf wear market was once stagnant with little change, but Grip helped spark a revolution of sorts, revitalizing the market and making it a place where new trends could be born. We continue to rise to the challenge, proposing and producing ideas that still influence the market of today.
Golf wear is not simply fashion; it is not simply sports apparel. It has become something new, independent, and with almost limitless potential. Golf fashion is undergoing dramatic change, and I believe we helped it become what it is today.
In 2016, Grip will begin working towards a goal we have had since we were first founded - developing the golf wear market around the globe.
From Japan, we will be expanding our Heal Creek, HC MUNITALP, and VIVA HEART lines into the rest of Asia, and we are taking our first real steps into Europe with our Rosasen brand by taking part in the Pitti IMMAGINE Uomo fashion industry event in Italy.
We will develop all of our brands worldwide, and through that global expansion we aim to break the golf wear mold.
We will continue to build our brand through creativity and not simply pandering to market trends in order to make the golf scene even more fulfilling.
We will deliver our creations to customers across the globe from where they are born in our offices in Kobe and Tokyo under the mantra "From Japan to the World."
Our business model looks forwards into the future, and by combining that with our dedication to creativity, I believe we will continue to grow.

President and CEO