Having the promotion to commemorate Kana Nagai's first victory!


Our contracted pro-golfer Kana Nagai achieved first victory for the golf tournament "Hisako Higuchi Mitsubishi denki ladies golf tournament".

To commemorate her victory, we will have a promotion and 25people have chances to get following special items!


【promotion details】
◆contents:visor with Kana's sign, golf wear outfits, goods and all related to VIVA HEART.
◆application deadline:19th NOV 2017
sweater with VIVA HEART logo for ladies(medium size), for mens(large size) : 1 for each
visor with Kana's sign both for men and ladies : 3 for each
caddie bag both for men and ladies : 1 for each
shoes case both for men and ladies : 3 for each
a dozen golf balls : 4 persons
golf shoes for ladies : for one(size 23.0cm~24.5cm JP size)

We welcome your application from below.