The Golf-Coutule of Nippon

A golf-couture from Japan bearing the word of the“MUNI (truly unique)”

People are all unique individuals. MUNITALP helps bring out and emphasize each and every person’s unique qualities.
To achieve this, MUNITALP itself aspires to true uniqueness.
It has developed value as a Japanese form of golf couture and has gained the right to rise to the top of the highest standards found in the world by perfecting products using only the finest of materials and a particular focus on Japanese creative techniques.
While golf serves as a traditional sports competition with a long history, it also acts as a wonderful place for social exchange that brings together both the culturally and fashion minded. Like in life, one’s dress when practicing golf – one of the world ’s most refined sports – must be the genuine article to bring out one’s intrinsic glow.
For those looking for genuine luxury, both in golf and in life, we give to you true value.

Issay Kitagawa(GRAPH)
/ MUNITALP Art director
Michie Kusano
/ MUNITALP Designer