We are the pioneers of sports compression. The category started with us.
It has been our mission to help those passionate about active living on their
pursuit of personal excellence since 1996.Our story started in Australia
when a Physiologist a saw need for functional compressionwear targeting
high-intensity sport and fitness.
It took 5 years of prototyping and development before the first family of
SKINS compression garments were ready for market. Athletes quickly
adopted the ‘black tights with the yellow stitch’ garments as necessary
equipment for training, competition and recovery.
Our product claims are backed by research and studies. In fact, the benfits
of our products are published in peer reviewed medical journals.
Our products perform because we know what pressure to apply and where to apply it.
SKINS continues to challenge the conventional boundaries of generic
activewear and our latest SERIES-5, SERIES-3 and SERIES-1 products do just that.